Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Mr Shiz, I’m a custom artist who specializes in Street art, Airbrushing and building props. Have a look at my previous work and feel free to contact me for a quote with the details of your upcoming project. If you are an artist and you need some advice or you would like to book a lesson contact me via email.

I started my career in 2004 by designing some T-shirts that I sold in shops and eventually at Portobello market, London. In 2006 I started customizing clothes and I soon realised people were more interested in the airbursh one offs than printed designs. So I learned how to airbrush and paint graffiti there and then, body painting came later that year. Having gone to an art college in ’95 and sketching tons of graffiti pieces, I already had some experience drawing letters, but using a spray can was a whole different ball game. Spray painting is all about your Can control it’s the ability to create lines of different thicknesses with the same cap (nozzle). Because airbrushing and graffiti are so similar, everytime I was painting a T-shirt or a new wall I would improve. But it took countless hours of preparing, sketching in museums, at home through the night, staring at things and people to understand the light sources and the shapes.

A friend I was doing the market with asked me to paint on her body, and after I did, I found it quite interesting and decided to give it a go. Before I knew it, I got lots of requests from people wanting body painting mainly with graffiti designs. But after doing so for nearly a decade and having painted for celebrities, commercials and attended shows, I lost interest in this field because it wasn’t challenging enough and not everybody understands this art.

So now it’s all about the things I absolutely love: Street art & Custom work. After doing so for more than 15 years, I have the freedom of painting and building anything I am required to.

Now I want to get more involved and inspire others thats why I started doing tutorials on YouTube showing ALL my techniques without holding back any important knowledge. This way I get more exposure and I’m able to keep doing the online tutorials. So check it out! My YouTube channel is always looking for input and ideas, so tell me what you want me to explain and if I feel it’s relevant to my work I will do a video about it. New video every Friday!

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