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Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Mr Shiz AKA Olivier Roubieu.

I’m a custom artist who specializes in spray painting, body painting and building props. Over the years I have used many products to prepare, paint and build artworks from spray paints to water based-paints and also glues, fillers etc… Understanding the materials, the background and the purpose is paramount when doing custom painting. I have to make sure the artwork will last the amount of time required, from a day to a week for body painting or more for customized cars and murals.


Understanding my clients’ needs is essential during the brief so I can bring their vision to life while outlining possible issues and how to go around them. You have the freedom to request the use of an airbrush or marker pens for indoor events where spray cans might not be best suited and also over techniques are at hand to produce a successful event for you.


I often mix Graffiti and street art designs with Body painting to achieve unusual artworks. Also fake tattoos are in demand right now in films and advertising, I painted a tattoo on a model’s arm for Samsung’s worldwide campaign last year and the brief was to have it looking real but also not offensive. Some of the paints I use last until they are washed with water and some are waterproof and long lasting. Liquid latex is the perfect product to glue the props and to change the facial appearance.


Check out my 365 day photo project, where I take a picture everyday for a year, you can see it on the Photo blog.

Mr Shiz.


Street art, Body painting, Props


One of my two favorite grounds is graffiti art (the other is body painting). I started back in college to improve my drawing techniques with graffiti sketches. This media is so free and fun, the color is already mixed in the can, all you have to do is apply it. Controlling the flow of paint is an art that took me years to master (can control). Graffiti is very popular and always proves to be a winner at events and promos. The majority of my work is done freehand from tracing to painting and I use a grid or a projector when necessary. With spray cans I can paint artworks from 1 foot (30cm) to 1365″ (416m). I only use the best spray paints available for my graffiti and street art and Astro fat caps with skinny pro caps. To paint the fine details like eyelashes on a woman’s face I designed a “stencil cap” to achieve the necessary thickness.

Bodypainting is the eye candy side of my work. This started as a request from a friend of mine to paint her and it led to doing it professionally. My technique has improved a lot since and I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in many events, photo shoots, and contests. I sometimes use my airbrush for body painting but it’s mainly done with brushes because the details are so much better that way. Painting on a person is harder that painting a still surface and it’s more challenging but also more rewarding when it’s displayed by the models’ great poses. I do my own photography to have full control over the creation as I know the shots I want to achieve when I’m painting. I only work with other photographers on assignments and private events